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Sadagaat Charity organization is a registered charity of the Voluntary and Humanitarian Action Commission, which has been active in assisting vulnerable groups for more than 15 years, during which many successful projects, whether seasonal or ongoing, have been implemented through the support of philanthropists from within and outside Sudan. Under 4 Divisions : feeding, health, Watering, and education.
The implementation of these projects is by an integrated administrative body, starting with membership in the Sadagaat community and ending with an executive unit that directly supervises daily activities. The small executive body that implements the projects depends on: Administrative competence in coordination and scientific methodology.

adagaat Charity Organization since 2014 annually performs breast cancer awareness campaigns to spread the culture of self-examination and the importance of early detection and to correct the misconceptions about cancer in general and breast cancer in particular.

About Training Opportunities

Sadagaat charity Organization is providing paid training opportunities for youth for a period of Six months subject to extension, targeting graduates from 2016 to 2020.

The training targets young and fresh graduates in general, with priority to Sadagaat volunteers. This training represents an opportunity to increase experience and refine skills in development and humanitarian work.
The trainee gets a certificate of experience after the end of the period along with monthly monitoring compensation.

The training program will be in the following sections:

1) Planning Department (includes health, education, Wash).
2) Media Department (Photography – videography – etc ).
3) Accounts and Finance Department.
4) Human Resources Department.
5) The implementation Department (includes health, education, Wash

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